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Women’s Winter Coats

Winter women’s coats must be both warm and beautiful. Most girls think that these are incompatible characteristics and will have to sacrifice something. In fact, you just need to know some tricks and features that are worth paying attention to when buying.

How To Choose Women’s Coats & Jackets

Tip 1: carefully check the composition of the fabric

Before choosing a wintercoat, it would be nice to remember that most models are made of inexpensive fabrics with a large addition of synthetics. The thing can proudly be called wool, and wool there – no more than 20%, everything else nylon. Therefore, it is important to read the labels carefully, where this data is usually specified, albeit in small print. Do not rely on the brand and high price, it is better to double-check the composition of matter yourself. In addition, sometimes you can find a good composition of fabric and among cheaper things, so the cost – it is not always an indicator. Matter needs to be well examined. The material should be thick, weaving threads dense, so that the fabric does not shine through.

The ideal wintercoat should be made only of wool 100% or from matter with minimal addition of other fibers (but no more than a tenth of the total). The best types of wool:

  • cashmere;
  • alpaca;
  • Drape.

The wool can be jerky or boiled. In the first case, the material is surprisingly soft, distinguished by a stuffy relief. Most often it is used for manual sewing exclusive models. Boiled wool in its structure is somewhat reminiscent of felt and has good water repellent properties.

Women's Winter Coats
Women’s Winter Coats and Jackets

Tip 2: refine the insulation material of women’s winter coats

Women’s winter coat necessarily has insulation, the material of which also need to pay close attention. The most common of these is synthepon.

But it is better to give preference to outer clothing with insulation from Walterma. This modern material has many advantages:

  • It is strong and easy.
  • hypoallergenic, safe for health;
  • protects well against temperature changes.

This is possible due to its structure – Walterm consists of a large number of small micro-cells. The honeycombs are heated by the heat of the human body and warm in the cold.

Thickness also plays a role, because it depends on the degree of heat-protective properties.

Tip 3: Choose a freer cut

The winter women’s coat should not be precisely adjusted in size and strongly fit figure. It is better to choose on models of a freer cut. So on frosty days it will be possible to “warm up” with a sweater or jacket without any problems. Probably, everyone knows that the adjoining clothes are not as warm as spacious, and here you need to bet on multi-layered. Therefore, going in search of the right thing, it is better to immediately put on a tight sweater with long sleeves.

Women's Winter Coats
Women’s Winter Coats and Jackets

During the fitting it is recommended to walk, raise your hands, sit down: nothing should constrain movements. It often happens that a warm women’s winter coat has a fairly loose cut, but its sleeves are very narrow, which causes a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, such a nuance should be taken into account.

Perfect sleeves should not constrain movements and reach the middle of the palm. If the coat sits perfectly, and the sleeves are long, they can always fit, often even for free.

Tip 4: take care of the availability of additional elements

Special details add style and practicality to outerwear. Winter coat withfur always looks more expensive and refined than without it. Be sure to check whether there is no fur on the material. The presence of a falling pile indicates a bad fur.

A winter hooded coat is ideal for harsh winters. If possible, it is worth choosing a model with a removable hood, which will allow you to vary your image depending on the weather or mood. Winter coat with a fur collar will protect the neck from wind and frost, so this option is also considered successful.

Women's Winter Coats
Women’s Winter Coats and Jackets

Although many pockets seem superfluous, it is still better to choose models with such elements. They can be not overhead, and hidden in the seams, completely invisible. But how comfortable they are, if suddenly frozen hands, and gloves are not, or you need somewhere to put a small thing. But be sure to pay attention to the quality of tailoring – the seams should be smooth, frequent, without scraps of threads.

The presence of a belt will provide more comfort, as the back will be much warmer, under the clothes will not blow out the cold wind.

Tip 5: consider the features of the figure

Even the mostfashionable women’s winter coats of the best materials, but not matched in size and length, can spoil the whole experience. Therefore, thechoice of coat for the winter is unthinkable without studying your own figure. At the same time, do not hope that the ideal model will be found the first time. You may have to spend a lot of time and effort on shopping trips, viewing information about manufacturers.

In order not to waste time, it is better to determine in advance at least approximately the appropriate style, length, presence or absence of a belt. Then in the process of choosing you can not even look at the wrong options.

Women's Winter Coats
Women’s Winter Coats and Jackets

Tips worth taking note of:

  • Fragile girls of short stature will be perfect outerwear on the figure, a little below the knee. Long winter coatdown jacket on a miniature lady will look at least strange.
  • The owners of standard sizes look perfect in stylish coats with double-breasted smell. However, such clothes can not be called suitable for harsh winters, as fur collars and hoods in these models are not used.
  • To emphasize the virtues and hide the shortcomings of the curvy figure, it is better to choose a winter wool coat A-shaped style. But it is important to take into account the growth, as trapeze visually often shortens the figure.
  • Girls with an inverted triangle figure should avoid styles decorated at the top. For balance it is worth paying attention to single-breasted coats with flared hem or voluminous overhead pockets.
  • “The rectangle” requires a different approach. Here you need to bet on the original tailoring, asymmetry, straps, belts.
Women's Winter Coats and Jackets
Women’s Winter Coats and Jackets

Choose better classic models that do not go out of fashion. Their characteristic features:

  • A graceful fitted silhouette;
  • Minimum decor;
  • First-class material;
  • A calm color palette;
  • Length to the middle of the thigh.

A coat-hat or a kimono coat is more suitable for a mild winter. The fact that the distinctive features of such outer clothing – free cut and no clasps, so in cold windy weather in such a coat is unlikely to be warm. You can fix clothes on the waist only with the help of a belt. But this style looks great on women of any height and composition.

Coat with smell, wide collar and hood is very comfortable in the sock, is practical and aristocratic.

Knowing how to choose a coat for the winter, you can find for yourself a stylish, beautiful and warm thing, with which you do not want to part. High-quality outerwear can be worn for many years.

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