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What Does A Man Like?

How Do You Know What a Man Likes? 10 Trouble-Free Ways

Every girl wants to know how to understand what a man loves. The psychology of the representatives of opposite sexes is so different that it is not so easy to understand this issue. Women often on a subconscious level can feel at what stage the relationship is. But still it is better to arm yourself with proven and reliable information to know how to behave further.

How to find out if a guy loves you: what psychologists say

Self-respecting psychologists will never give lopes. You can’t cut everyone under one comb. Especially love is a feeling that is based on instincts, inner impulses, mental disposition and to some extent social nuances. Simply put, a man loves, and society dictates to him how to do it.

Everyone is different. Not all men – initiators of relationships, not all believe that gifts on any occasion and without, huge bouquets of roses – confirmation of true feelings. All these stereotypes are imposed by society. Many people come according to such a template, even if inside they consider it not quite necessary. So it’s not easy to know that a guy loves you. Girls are often more interested in amorphous appearances. It can be a trip to the restaurant, compliments, flowers, candy and so on. In half of cases it is not a sign of love, but just a jaded and banal courtship.

There are men who love loud, do extravagant deeds and feats. They are usually extroverts. Others keep their feeling deep inside. In such cases, girls are interested in how to understand that the guy is in love with you, if he does not talk about it and does not do anything supernatural.

If you generalize how to understand that the guy loves you, you need to pay attention:

  • to actions (whether he keeps his word, helps, understands, supports);
  • non-verbal signs (extended pupils, a close look, a sincere smile with crow’s feet near the eyes, repeated attempts to get tactile contact);
  • conversation (sincerity, common themes).

Understand that he loves you, psychologists are unlikely to help. They will give only general recommendations, it is necessary to understand the behavior of his chosen one, features of his character and temperament. Then everything will be in place.

There is also this opinion: if a girl wonders whether she is loved, she usually has low self-esteem or she understands that her behavior and actions do not contribute to love. Whether it is true or not, everyone decides for himself, but to think about such a question will not hurt.

How to understand that a man is in love

But still you can give general advice that will help to understand the situation. Representatives of the stronger sex, unlike women, are not used to showing their emotions. Therefore, girls have to focus on external manifestations. Words are not a very strong proof of love, you need to watch how a person acts.

10 main signs to help determine that the guy loves you:

1. Trying to spend time together. If the boyfriend devotes all his leisure to his lady, it speaks of a strong affection. He can be busy with work, care and responsibilities, but uses every spare minute to be together.

2. I wonder how the day went. Even ordinary and familiar questions about what good or bad happened during the day, talk about mutual support, desire to help in difficult moments and rejoice in the hours of happiness.

3. Totally trusting. The man wants to be aware of where he is and what his lover is doing, but does not suspect her of infidelity, does not read her messages and does not arrange interrogations.

4. Helps in all needs. Despite the huge number of own affairs, the lover can easily offer his help in any pressing problems.

5. Respects the point of view of his lady. Even if some things have diametrically divergent views, he will not impose his ideas.

6. Listens to the opinion of his beloved. This applies to both small household issues and more important cases. At the same time, priority is given to those who are better versed in this issue.

7. Wants intimacy. It’s not about intimate relationships. It is enough that a man wants to be closer all the time, hugs, puts his hand on his shoulder. It speaks of a strong emotional connection.

8. Looks at his chosen one. Nonverbal signals can tell a lot. Even periodically noticing the look of his boyfriend, the girl realizes that he cares about her.

9. Comes in and protects. This position strengthens the relationship. It makes it clear without unnecessary words that the guy really loves.

10. Likes to talk about the past spent together. Joint memories of pleasant moments – a good pastime.

In short, it is very nice to be near such a person. This does not mean that everything is perfect, quarrels and misunderstandings can take place in any case. But if a girl feels love, care and attention, the relationship can be developed and strengthened, if, of course, she does not mind.

To find out if a man loves you, you will have some time to watch him carefully, paying special attention to the smallest things. They can tell a lot about a possible partner.

Knowing how to check the feelings of a man, you can be more confident and not afraid to get into the paths of a frivolous beau, who just “hunts” for girls interesting to him for the time being.Like the article? Share with your friends.

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