How To Choose Running Shoes

Choosing Running Shoes Is Easy

Do you know how to choose running shoes? To get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from sports, it is very important to use quality and comfortable equipment. Shoes are the most important piece of equipment for running. Comfortable clothes, of course, are also important, but you can choose them already at the stage of trying on in a sports store, you can easily immediately understand whether you are comfortable in these clothes or not.

Running shoes, on the other hand, is not so simple. It is not at all necessary that the model that seemed suitable for fitting will turn out to be exactly the one in which you will be happy to run. Unfortunately, not all running enthusiasts know how to choose a running shoe; it is clear that you cannot do it at random. How to proceed?

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What Are Good Running Shoes

How can you decide What are good running shoes? Hopefully, you will find a competent consultant in a good store and help you make the right choice. But, let’s be honest, how often have you seen competent consultants in sports stores? Personally, so far, not a single one …

You can ask friends and acquaintances who are fond of running, the question: “How to choose running shoes?” Surely they can characterize two or three shoe models, but not more. Perhaps they will even strongly recommend you the very shoes in which they run. But a recommendation from one person is not enough. But what if you could find more than 130,000 running shoes to choose from, with over 1,000 models to choose from ? This opportunity is provided by the site You can find here what are good running shoes.

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The site is intuitive with a user-friendly interface. Weak English will help you overcome an online translator from Google. In principle, you yourself will cope with this site, but we will analyze a few basic and important points in this article.

So, at the top right of the main page, there is a search where you can try to find the model you are interested in, and there are four menu items Rankings, Reviews, Compare, Deals . We are primarily interested in the Rankings and Reviews items.

The Rankings Menu

The Rankings menu  is a ranking of running shoes. Click on it. A page with a rating opens, which can be seen in the green box on the right, and next to it the number of reviews, on the basis of which the rating was obtained. In the Brand drop-down list, you can select the company you need. In the All categories list, you can select one of the important parameters – about them just below.

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In the rating of the model, we see how many ordinary running amateurs (users) and how many experts (experts) left feedback on this model and their average score. Below is an important reference for Terrain, Arch Support, Use, Estimated Price, Weight, Heel to Toe Drop. In order about these points:

Terrain . So terrain is effecting how to choose running shoes. This is the type of coverage the shoe is designed for. There are two options: Road – for paved roads and gravel paths. Trail – for rough terrain.

Arch Support

It can be translated as “the height of the arch of the sole arch.” Here it is necessary to tell what “pronation of the foot” is – it is the way of setting the foot while running, the angle at which the foot is in relation to the surface in contact with it. Some people put their feet almost perpendicular to the plane of the road, while others fold the foot out or in. This is due to the individual characteristics of the structure of the foot, and it is necessary to choose shoes for running taking these features into account. The right footwear, chosen specifically for your type of pronation, will help compensate for natural deficiencies and correctly distribute the load on the ligaments and joints, which will save you from injury. But if you run in shoes that are not suitable for your type of pronation, then discomfort and subsequent injuries are guaranteed!A simple test can help determine your pronation: stand with wet feet on a white sheet of paper, see what mark your feet have left.

Pronation of the foot

Use. Application. There are two options here: “normal training” – regular training and “competition” – competition.

Estimated Price. Estimated price. Comparison of prices in several foreign online stores.

Weight. Another important parameter is the weight of the shoe. Note that the weight of the male (M) and female (W) models may vary.

Heel to Toe Drop

In my opinion, the second most important characteristic, after pronation, is the characteristic of running shoes. This is how much your heel will be higher in this shoe than the rest of your foot. (Not shoe height!) The lower this indicator, the more natural the positioning of the leg will be while running. For the best models, this figure is 4 – 5 millimeters.

By scrolling the page with the selected shoe model below, you will see the best and worst review, then more detailed information on the above characteristics, as well as a description of the technological features.

In the Reviews menu, you can set several parameters at once to search for the desired shoes and you will immediately see a list of suitable models:

Running Shoes

All in all, this knowledge is already enough to find the most suitable running shoe. Well, if you want to write a personal review on or find out all the details about the chosen shoe model, then here’s an excellent reason for you to “tighten up” your english.

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