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Best Way of Productive Education

Do you know about best way of productive education on coronavirus days?As we know Covid-19 has changed our all behaviours, affected our social life and comford. Lots of people can’t go outside, do sport… Doctors, nurses, teachers all of us should protect themselves for lives of anothers. At that point, real protection method to slow dows Covid-19 spreading is to isolate ourselves. This is “social isolation” that it needs some social distance and we believe this precaution will decrease of risk of spreading that contagious virus.

Childs… We say “leaders of future” to them. All countries are trying to find an effective way of education in order to make children stay away from people, child who may be affected from virus. Governments say that people have to obey strict rules for controlling that virus. So, for our children there are some tips we should not forget.

Schoolgirl doing homework, writing, studying lesson, coronavirus home school, social distance during quarantine, online education concept, home schooler. Stay at home, stay safe.

Don’t Forget These

  1. Whatever you do, don’t forget that your children are far away from their schools, friends, social relations, daily child life… They can’t play on the garden, park and they can’t be in relation with their groups and especially freedon. So you should have emphaty with them if children bored or if they annoy you.
  2. Think that type of online education the child takes is appropriate or not for the achild and for the family. Remote education prodecures are made up by schools’ managers. Hovewer every family is responsible to control, argue the schedule.
  3. Some children can’t prove themselves in a social group. While some of them are brave and talk more. So you should watch your children’s performance while he/she are taking education. While you are watching them, be sure that they don’t see you. After that ask your children if the lesson was usefull or not. If you need yo have some information about children’s improvement, don’t hesitate to ask their teacher.
Online education time. Schoolgirl doing homework, writing, studying lesson, coronavirus home school, social distance during quarantine, online education concept, home schooler. Stay at home, stay safe.

Create A Place Like School

  1. If possible. create a room that include headphone. nobody moves in. So the child will stay, listen in the room alone.
  2. Total focus time of children may change by their age. So don’t let them stay long time in the lesson room. Because children need break, want to move, run, play. Also you should prepare some food while break. This long time period of remote education wants children sleep regularly to make them focus well.

Don’t Distract Your Children

  1. While taking online lesson, you should not speak with them, solve problems together or you should not say “put your hand over”. These will not make any improvement because the child should prove him/herself, decide, learn how to decide by alone. By that wat children can learn their deficiency.
  2. When your children take a homework, leave them alone to finish it. Because this behaviour will not make them have discipline if you force them.
  3. At the weekend, you should increase rest time while doing homework or study. You should let the children watch TV or play game in order to make them calm and focus again. Don’t try to force your children to study lesson. Maybe as a mom or dad, you can try to read book near your child to convince them to read book.
Young student wearing protective mask working in isolation on school assignments. Child wearing face mask self-studying at home during coronavirus outbreak.

Support Your Children

  1. School management may plan a difficult edication plan for your children. So your children need support to adapt this plan. If they should make up early, ou should make them go to bed early. Also you can write lesson schedule somewhere the children can see.
  2. In break time, let your children only rest. Don’t let them to look any screen like phone, TV, tablets. Just try to improve their social relations part.

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