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Your color, person of color is not necessarily the one that prevails in your wardrobe, or the one in which you paint the walls in the apartment from year to year. To determine your color, you should listen to yourself. Remember, looking at what shades, you are inspired. The color that you represent in your dreams determines your character.

So, choose your favorite color and find out what it means.


The color of active people. Not just active, but bright, desperate. It is from such people that heroes and revolutionaries are made. Before us, most likely, is a born leader, able to captivate with his ideas. A person who cannot stand routine and stagnation.

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Color personality of cheerful, easy-going and proactive individuals choose it! They are always looking for new ways and believe that there are not so many hopeless situations. They infect everyone around with their optimism and enthusiasm. They often like hiking and songs around the fire. They always know what to do with children and how to amuse adults. Originals and fidgets.

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Person of color is yellow. As a rule, a yellow lover is a calm, balanced and optimistic person who knows his own worth. Identifies targets and routes to them precisely. Knows how to keep a clear head in the most difficult situation. They are often honest and morally strong people. They are not ready to sacrifice principles for the sake of momentary gain. They are patient and observant. They have enviable willpower.

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The color of peace and hope. It is chosen by people striving for harmony, tranquility and justice, who do not think of themselves without constant development and movement forward. Lovers of green, most likely, will study all their lives, because they make high, if not exaggerated, requirements for themselves.

Often they have remarkable patience and a sharp mind.

Love of Green Color


Impressionable and, most likely, very kind and helpful people. Not without a penchant for science and discovery. From the flow of various information, they are able to isolate the very essence. It seems that they are the ones who can fairly judge any of the most intricate disputes without causing offense to either side. However, nobody canceled the tendency to wander in the clouds! There are many desperate travelers and extreme lovers among blue lovers.

Blue home


Color by personality is not advocates of making quick decisions. They need to think over everything properly, “sleep with the idea.” They are not accustomed to failing and therefore carefully prepare the ground for innovation. Therefore, they rarely lose.

Severe in appearance, “purple” – merry fellows in the company, witty and groovy. They value freedom and independence.

Colored potted plants. Different potted plants and seedlings.

The Black

Black color of personality is strict and obligatory. They love to impress others. Sexual and passionate natures.

Before us are individuals with a certain theatricality in character, capable of charming and falling in love with themselves. However, as a rule, they have one enviable feature – the ability to say a firm no.

Color macaroons on board and on a table.


Fundamentally honest people. Most likely, for them to lie is to go against themselves. Readily respond to requests for help and support. At the same time, they strive for success and love public recognition. Dreamy and sympathetic.

They are not afraid to shock the audience and, it seems, even fueled by emotions from the effect produced. Like a fish water, they need the admiration of others!

White table and coffee.


Restrained natures. They look at the world with severity and realize its imperfection. However, these are not just outsiders. They strive to improve the situation for the better and often they manage to change the established order.

Principled and serious personalities, reliable comrades. Not always, due to their conservatism, they understand humor and can seriously take offense at jokers.

Closeup view of colored cakes in brown color.


The expression “gray cardinal” was invented, it seems, about lovers of this color. Most likely, they have a bestial instinct and good intuition. They can count the interlocutor from the first moment. However, they won’t show it. For by their nature they are researchers and to some extent – intriguers who are very interested in how events will develop further. And if they get bored, they can also throw wood on the fire of passions.

Diligent and diligent.

Color and decorations in room with concrete wall.


Color personality disguise is perhaps the main definition of their character. Such people, for various reasons, do not really strive to show their true self. They prefer to hide the real ones from those around them and appear in a different image – more touching, gentle. Don’t flatter yourself: a pink shroud hides a steel rod.

However, as a rule, these are impressionable persons. Non-standard situations can unsettle them for a long time. In most cases, they are kind and helpful people.

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